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Antiracism 101

Virtual Seminar Sessions

This Antiracism 101 course aims to use antiracist pedagogy to deconstruct and examine racist systems and practices within the United States, beginning in 1619 to present day America. Workshops will unpack United States history and the institution of chattel slavery, colonization, and Jim Crow. In understanding the history of the Black American Diaspora and Indigenous peoples of the Americas, this course aims to examine the intersection of race, class, and gender in the context of socio-economic systems of governance. This course will include but is not limited to understanding White Supremacy, White Fragility, Brown Fragility, Implicit & Unconscious Bias, and political analysis on how to build an antiracist society.
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6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST Participants will be able to learn and understand US Racist history and the impact of White Supremacy in relation to Black & Indigenous America. Participants will be able to examine case studies of the commodification of Black bodies, particularly Black & Indigenous Women in US History. Participants will learn how Black & Brown bodies have persistently been tied to economic value and profit within the US structural system.
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST Participants will be able to identify actions steps to allyship in building an antiracist world. Participants will learn how to combat structural and interpersonal racism from the micro to macro level i.e. nuclear family, social community, local community, and workspaces.