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Media and Technology in the Lives of Infants and Toddlers - CEU Packet and Journal Issue
Stefanie Powers, Ed.  March 2013
ISBN: CEU368038334J
Item No.: J454


In addition to computers, TV, and video games, statistics indicate that more than half of children have access to newer mobile devices in their homes (Rideout, 2011). Media use starts in the first year of life for many children. New media are also bringing new challenges. With the introduction of mobile devices, children are now more apt to be using more than one screen at a time, such as playing on a tablet computer while watching TV. How is this multitasking having an impact on brain development? What is the potential to use technology as an educational tool? What role do parents and caregivers need to play in order to effectively manage their children’s exposure to media and technology? How do culture and socioeconomic status impact media use and its positive and negative effects? The contributors to this issue of Zero to Three share the insight gained over the past decade, explore the new questions raised, and reveal a complex picture of how children and their caregivers interact with the devices and media now available.


Price: $55.00 

Format: Digital copy of the Journal issue plus CEU assessment. The assessment must be taken within one year of purchase. 80% mastery is required to earn CEU credit. A link to the Journal and assessment will be provided in your order confirmation email.

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