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Tim's Team Indy Mini Run

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2024 Defeat ALS Your Way - Get Active

Tim always had a smile regardless of the situation!
Tim always had a smile regardless of the situation!

Tim's Team Indy Mini Run

We are so excited to be running for this fundraiser. The money that we raise will go towards a mission that we can all get behind - a world without ALS.
Julia White and Steve Wellborn are teaming up to raise awareness and support people with ALS by running the Indy Mini on May 4th, 2024. Feel free to join our team, or support us by making a donation.

If we hit our new goal of $2500, the Wellborn family will double it and contribute an additional $2500 to the cause!

There is currently NO cure, and that is just unacceptable for a disease with a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

Funds raised will go towards:
  • Continuing the 150+ research projects looking into the causes of ALS in hopes of developing better treatments
  • Supporting patient services clinics, support groups, equipment lending, and transportation
  • Leading the way in helping to ensure the ALS community has proper access to care

We need to do everything we can to find a treatment and a cure. Together, let's make a difference - one dollar at a time!

Join us right now by selecting 'Join Team' or choose 'Donate' to help us reach our goal!

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