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Larry's 50 mile challenge

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2024 Defeat ALS Your Way - Get Creative

Larry's 50 mile challenge

Join me in the January 50-mile challenge to support the ALS Association and start the New Year with a big bang! 

I know some of my friends are training for races this Spring, while others are starting with a New Year’s resolution of getting in better shape. Now you can use those miles to help those who can no longer do them on their own. 

Even if you are normally a couch potato your miles will make a big difference. You can walk, run, swim, or bike your way through the miles - everything counts!  While my running days are over, I’m going to take on this challenge as well, and do as many miles as I can - although some of them might be on the scooter :)

Your support for ALS research has paid off in several new treatments that help some people with ALS live longer. While we still have a lot of work to do to cure this disease, and continued funding for research is as important as ever, there is a great need to support people like me who are living with the disease. 

The ALS Association has created the Certified Treatment Centers of Excellence™ and Recognized Treatment Center program to provide people living with ALS (pALS) compassionate care in a supportive, family-oriented atmosphere using the multidisciplinary care approach. 

The data shows that pALS who receive multidisciplinary care live longer and have a better quality of life. Your support will help not only those living with ALS here in NC but all across the country because your zip code should not determine the quality of care you receive. 

I have been blessed with more time and have been able to do things I never thought I would have the chance to do. I want to make sure everyone who is dealing with ALS gets that chance. However you are getting your miles, and whether you want to pledge per mile, get others to sponsor you, or make a straight donation, you can make a huge impact in 2024 in the lives of people fighting this terrible disease. 


I’ll be making regular posts on Facebook, so I hope you will post too as you log your 50 miles. As always, thank you for your prayers and support as I fight ALS!


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow, and breathe. The life expectancy of a person with ALS averages 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

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