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2024 Defeat ALS Your Way - Get Creative

Bernie Zipprich's Team

Dear Friends,

Thank you for helping me raise crucial funds to defeat ALS! Many of you know what we’re up against. But it’s not just on my family's account that I want to ask you to donate to end ALS. It’s for the thousands of other families dealing with this difficult disease, and for those who will face it in the future. 

Each year, 5000 Americans are diagnosed with ALS. For most, progression is rapid and debilitating. Most will succumb in 3-5 years, although 5% live longer than 20. What causes most cases is a mystery. And although treatments are starting to emerge, the best only extend life a few months for most. There is not yet a cure. 

Despite the grim odds, promising advances are within reach — which is  why your support is so urgently needed. We have more drugs in the pipeline than ever. Advances in stem cell technology, multi-omics sequencing, big data and AI are giving us a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms and subtypes than ever before. And multispecialty clinics (paid for mostly by philanthropy, not insurance — insurance companies won’t pay for it) are helping people make this a livable disease. 

Every donation helps keep up the momentum —$500, $100, $50, $25, $10, whatever — particularly right now when we’re getting so close to real breakthroughs. 

If you can’t give right now, no worries at all. Instead, please consider messaging your members of congress and state reps and ask them to support funding for ALS research and care. 

Major breakthroughs are on the horizon. With your help we will get there.

Thank you for your consideration and steadfast support. 


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