Start an Individual Page

Choose this option if you are a one (wo)man show! With this option you will have ONE fundraising webpage to customize about yourself/your event!

Start an Event Page

Choose this option to create a fundraiser where people will be joining you! With this option you will have TWO fundraising webpages to customize! One webpage that will be your Overall Event Page that you can manage as the creator and one that will be your personal fundraising page to tell your story. Anyone that joins you can create their own personal fundraising page as part of the event too! .

Join an Existing Event

Did your friends or family already start a fundraising page? Join in on their fun now!

Bring Back an Annual Fundraiser

Pick this option if you hosted this event last year and want to hold it again in 2017. This will bring back your customizations from last year, too!

Donate to a Fundraiser

Choose this option if you want to support the very important mission of The ALS Association, but don't want to register to be a fundraiser yourself.

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