Registration and Participant Center FAQs

How do I register? Have you ever participated in an ALS Chapter event in the past? If you answered YES, then you have a username and password for our website! We recommend logging in before you register to make the process easy for you! The system will remember you and all of your past information, including edits to your personal pages. Select 'Register' on the home page to begin.

What are the costs involved, and what do they provide? There is no upfront fee to participate in the 3rd Annual CEO Soak as part of CEO Soak, however, all participants are encouraged to raise money to make this event a true team effort and help support families living with ALS in our community.

Who may participate in CEO Soak? Anyone may participate. We are looking for companies from all sectors and universites to join us in this unique event to fight ALS. There are two participant types for CEO Soak, as follows: 

1. The Soakees - This is the designated company executives who will get soaked.

2. The Soakers - These are the employees who donate and raise money to see their "Soakees" get soaked.

Event FAQs

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Additional Questions:

Please reach out to 

Nick Marold at 207-645-1182 or