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Mom Strong Family
Mom Strong Family


Our Daughter struggled with sharing her personal journey, However, It was more important to her to bring awareness and possibly save a life. 
With her permission, I'm sharing her story below.
Christina, 2022 - 
October is breast cancer awareness month...sooo..
I'll start since tomorrow is the first of October.
March 28.. the night Addison saved my life. She quit nursing on me. I took this first picture KNOWING this was the last time she would nurse. I thought I had a clogged duct, and that was why she was not wanting to nurse anymore. Tried all the home remedies..Epsom soaks, massage, warm showers, pumping..etc. nothing worked. Made an appointment with my PCM (why I did that and didn't ignore it is still beyond me..) who sent me for an ultrasound. US concluded I had a benign fibroadenoma and to follow up in 6 months. About a month and a half later.. I felt uncomfortable (and to be honest.. I didn't feel right even after the first ultrasound. I didn't feel as relieved as I should have.) I requested a second opinion to possibly remove or drain this "fibroadenoma" because it was actually irritating. A second ultrasound led to biopsy... Which led to Cancer.
I wasn't going to share my journey at all originally...because it feels personal for me and my family. However... If my story may help even just one other person to get checked out or self advocate for a second opinion sooner... It is worth sharing. CHECK YOUR BOOBS. EVEN IF YOU ARE 33 YEARS OLD, EAT HEALTHY, EXERCISE, NO FAMILY HISTORY, DONT SMOKE... Like me. Whatever. Check your damn boobs!!!! THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!
Anyways.. long story short.. this is why the kids and I are in MA. I am receiving amazing treatment here and I could not do this without the support of my family (and my amazing husband, though he can't be here physically the entire time.) My parents have been absolutely wonderful both helping me take care of the kids as well as making sure I'm taken care of.
I have had 5 chemotherapy treatments so far, my hair has fallen out, and I've been tired but overall I'm still feeling okay. 24 weeks of chemo, surgery, and radiation are the plan. We will take all the prayers, positive thoughts.. vibes.. whatever it is you want to put into the universe for us.
I'm sorry to post this here when I haven't told many people yet but it just honestly feels weird to reach out and say hey.. I just wanted to let you know I've got cancer. Like.. what??? Yeah I still don't believe it either.

Rays of Hope supports research at the Rays of Hope Center for Breast Cancer Research, treatment programs and services through the Baystate Health Breast Network, outreach and education and awards grants to support complementary therapies throughout western Massachusetts. 

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