Fundraiser Ideas

Want to fundraise for Boston Medical Center, but aren't sure how? Below are some ideas to help get you started. Need help making your fundraising dream a reality? Reach out to

Birthday Fundraiser: Ask for donations in lieu of gifts.

5K Walk or Run: Choose a fun theme or destination.

Trivia Night: Consider a fun theme and charge teams for admission.

Tailgate Party: Ask for a donation from attendees.

Auction: Ask local businesses, like hotels, restaurants, and shops, to donate items/gift certificates. You can host a live or silent auction.

Workplace Events: Hold a lunchtime pizza party where everyone pays $10 and all proceeds benefit your fundraising. Or ask your employer to do a 'jeans day' or casual Friday—anyone who participates donates $5 or $10.

Workout Class: Hold a spin, yoga, barre, or any other fun workout class in support of your fundraising. Ask local studios to host the class, and ask for a donation from attendees to join.

Candy-gram Sale: Hold one around Valentine's Day or the holidays.

Craft Sale: If you're crafty, make some items and have a sale.

March Madness: Create a bracket and charge an entrance fee.

Super Bowl Squares: Ask your fellow football fans to sign up for one or more squares for a fee. Each quarter, half the winnings go to the winner and half go toward your fundraising.

Dance Class: Hire a dance instructor to teach you and your friends a new style of dance. Hold the lesson at your home or ask a studio to lend a room to you. Charge attendees for the lesson.

House Party: Host a party at your home and include an auction or raffle. You can often get the entertainment, decorations, food and drinks donated in exchange for promoting the donor(s) at the event. Try a theme!

Wine, beer, or food tasting: Charge admission or simply use it as a time to ask for donations in person.

Food Sale: Hold an ice cream social, pizza party, pancake breakfast, or a bake sale.

Poker, Casino, or Bingo Night: Host at your home or at a fun venue.

Vacation Day Raffle: Ask your boss to raffle off an extra paid vacation day.

Percentage-of-sales Event: Ask a local business to host a day when you receive a percentage of their sales as a donation.

Happy Hour or Dinner Event: Bars and restaurants will often provide discounted food and drinks for those in attendance or give you a percentage of sales earned during the event.

Open Mic Night: Consider holding karaoke, a comedy show, or a talent show and charge admission.

Fashion Show: Ask a local clothing retailer or designer to lend the clothing, get your friends to hit the catwalk, and host at your home or a creative venue.

Sports Tournament: Assemble teams for flag football, cornhole, bowling, etc. Charge entry for each team.

Scavenger Hunt: Organize an outdoor scavenger hunt for your friends and family.

Event Tip: Local businesses are often even more willing to donate their services, venues, or products if you let them know they are getting publicity or exposure to new potential customers out of it.