About Personal Fundraising Pages

Collecting donations through your Children's Personal Fundraising Page is simple and safe:

  • Every donation is sent securely to Children’s Health Foundation, so there is no need to worry about collecting cash or cheques.
  • Donors to your page will automatically receive a thank you letter from Children’s Health Foundation and tax receipt(s) for eligible donations.

Your Personal Fundraising Page has tools to help you succeed:

  • You can personalize your page with your own heartfelt message as well as a photo or video.
  • Your participant centre includes helpful message templates you can customize and send to your friends, family and supporters. You can also track donations, thank you notes and requests to follow up on.
  • Sharing Buttons make it easy to promote your Page on Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Your page also makes it easy to collect and track offline donations towards your fundraising goal. 
  • The Fundraising Thermometer helps to track your progress and keep you motivated.

Getting started is simple

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Create. Click Create A Page to register, then upload your own photos and personalize your message.
  • Share.  Tell everyone you know! Send emails, post to Facebook and Twitter asking friends, family and colleagues to support your page.
  • Thank. Thank your supporters for helping to save and improve kids' lives.

If you have any questions about fundraising for Children's, contact us at 519-432-8564 (toll free 1-888-834-2496) or info@childhealth.ca.