How to Fundraise

Since inception over 90% of all funds raised for Cure JM have gone directly to research and programs to help children with Juvenile Myositis.  

Your gift and the money your raise will be put right to work:

  • Pursue promising new treatments
  • Advance four clinical trials
  • Fund our largest-ever grant cycle, including investigating a new type of gene therapy
  • Help kids get the best care

We encourage each team member to raise at least $500. This can be an easy goal if you follow the fundraising tips provided here. 

  • Register, and a fundraising webpage will be created just for you.
  • Make an online donation to your fundraising page and start off on the right track.
  • Share your page with at least 5 friends to support you!

The #1 reason people give is because someone they know asks. You raise money when you ask for it—so be sure to ask everyone you know!

ASK PERSONALLY Share your own story and connect with your donors on a personal level by sharing why you are participating.

ASK EVERYONE And we mean everyone! Your neighbors, classmates, colleagues, clients, everyone you know.  Use all means of outreach:  call, text, email, Facebook, twitter, Instagram

ASK CONFIDENTLY You’re not asking for money for yourself. You’re asking to help find new and better treatments. Remember, the money raised is going to support Cure JM’s mission to find a cure for Juvenile Myositis and improve the lives of families affected by JM. Small donations will add up.

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