Help us raise $100,000 to help people with Parkinson's live well today!

Once you are registered, visit your participant center to:

1. Update your personal fundraising page

  • Once in your participant center, click the Personal Page tab
    • Create a short url to include in emails and social media  
      • Click URL settings
      • Enter your name or nickname in the text box field and save
  • Change the page title to include your name
    • Try something like: “Welcome to Peachy’s Fundraising Page” and click save
  • Change the default text to a better explanation of why you’re riding and fundraising, then click save
  • Update your photo with a picture of yourself
    • On the right side of the personal page tab, click “Photos/Video”
    • Choose a file, click save/upload

2. Send emails

  • Upload your contact list
  • Customize the email template to send (Send more than one email. Statistics show that the first email you send will result in 25% of your goal. The second email update will result in 75% of your goal!)

3. Track emails, donations, and send thank yous

Do you have a great idea or want to brainstorm fundraising ideas? Contact us to help you reach your goals!

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