Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a registration fee to swim? 

No.  There is no registration fee, but this is a fundraiser and we expect every participant to raise money.  We do incur costs to put on the event and each participant is expected to raise funds well beyond their individual cost. 

How many people should I have on my team?

We recommend at least 8 swimmers.  9+ is ideal. You’re probably thinking to yourself…it’s only 50s…but trust us…after a few all-out 50s on 4 minutes rest…you’ll feel it.  Our motto: the more the merrier.

Can we combine ages, genders, etc?

Of course!  We encourage creating teams of any shape, size, age, gender, etc.

Can I bring swim fans to the event?

Of course!  In NY, we have bleacher seating and in LA there is plenty of deck space.

I don’t like diving – Can I do in the water starts?

Of course.  If you need extra help, we are happy to put your relay in an outside lane where the ladder is easily accessible.

How long does the race usually take?

Typically, it takes between 45 – 1:15 minutes per heat.

What if I don't have a relay team to swim with? Can I sign up individually? 

Yes you can sign up as an individual and start raising money right away.  We will place you on a team or you can ask other team captains if you can join their team.  Even better, you can recruit some swim friends and create your own team!

What is the best way to fundraise?

In our experience, the most effective way to fundraise is to send personal emails to your friends, colleagues and family.  Facebook is an effective tool in promoting the event but has not yet proven to be the best way to raise awareness. This comes from sharing your personal motivation as to why you support Trident’s mission.

What about matching funds?

Trident loves matching funds.  If your company does matching gifts, please let us know.  We can happily complete any necessary paperwork.

Can I split my donation between Trident and another charity?

Yes.  If your team chooses to split your fundraising efforts with Trident, please let us know ahead of the event.  You can contact Kristin at  The other beneficiary must be a registered 501c3 charity and the split will be 50/50% with Trident over the first $3,000 raised.

Are the donations tax deductible?  How do my donors get a receipt? 

Yes.  Trident is a registered 501 c-3 charitable organization.  100% of your donation is tax deductible.  Each donor will receive an email with a receipt of their donation including our Tax ID number for their taxes. 


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