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You're just an email, post, photo, or tweet away from reaching your goal!


Facebook & Other Social Media

Let’s get social! Once your fundraising page is all set up, it’s time to share it on social media! 

Copy and paste into your social media status to ask your friends, family, and co-workers to join and support you. Don’t forget to include the link to your personal Participant Center. 


Sample text for social posts:


I’m excited to share that I’m participating in the 2024 Pet Walk Ozaukee on August 24 at Rotary Park in Mequon. Want to help me support the Wisconsin Humane Society’s mission of making a difference for animals and the people who love them? Consider making a donation by visiting [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] today! I appreciate your support ❤


I’m on a mission of raising [INSERT AMOUNT HERE] for the Wisconsin Humane Society😊 There are so many animals that need our help, so will you donate to support my efforts today? You can go to [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] to learn more and make your gift, and I hope you join me at Pet Walk Ozaukee on August 24! ❤


I’m so excited to share that I’m participating in the 2024 Pet Walk Ozaukee to support animals in need at the Wisconsin Humane Society. [INSERT REASON FOR FUNDRAISING]. With YOUR help, I can reach my goal of raising [INSERT GOAL AMOUNT]. Will you consider making a donation to help me get one step closer? You can visit [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] to make your gift now 😊



Goal-oriented messages work, especially after you've collected approximately 1/3 of your fundraising goal. They’re also a great way to engage your social network in a collective effort. Here are some examples:

This week, I have a goal of raising [INSERT GOAL AMOUNT] towards my 2024 Pet Walk Ozaukee fundraising efforts! If just 5 of you would contribute [$X], I would be that much closer to reaching my goal for the Wisconsin Humane Society ❤ Want to be one of those 5? Visit [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] to donate now!


Because of generous friends and family like you, I’ve raised [INSERT AMOUNT RAISED] so far for the Wisconsin Humane Society! However, I still need [INSERT AMOUNT REMAINING] to reach my goal of [INSERT GOAL AMOUNT]. Will YOU help me get there? Please consider making a donation for so many animals in need by visiting [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK].

Bonus: these posts are easy to shorten and great to share on Twitter.


With help from you, I've collected [INSERT AMOUNT RAISED] so far for WHS, but I still need to raise [INSERT AMOUNT REMAINING]. I need 10 people to donate [INSERT AMOUNT] today to reach my goal! Will you help me? [INSERT PERSONAL URL]


When you invite others to join Pet Walk, you’re helping us grow the movement and inspiring entire communities to step up and help animals. Post an announcement on your social media platforms letting folks know that you’re walking in Pet Walk and ask them to join you. If you have certain people in mind, make it a personal invitation by tagging them in your post (it’s bold, but effective!).

I’m so excited to be participating in this year’s Pet Walk Ozaukee, and I hope YOU will join me! There are so many animals in need of our help, so are you up for the challenge of walking through the beautiful Rotary Park in Mequon on August 24? 😊 If your answer is “Sorry, I can't!”, I hope you’ll consider supporting me with a donation. Visit [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] to make your gift now!


If you have a team page, include the link so it’s easy to sign up. Otherwise, include the link to your personal page.


PRO TIP: Don’t just share your fundraising page, connect it directly to Facebook!

In your Pet Walk Participant Center, there’s a blue box on the right side to connect your Pet Walk fundraiser to Facebook’s fundraising platform. This will automatically start a Facebook fundraiser that will import your Pet Walk personal page information, and allow folks to donate directly to your fundraiser through Facebook!

You’ll receive notifications every time someone donates to your page, you can comment on their donations to thank them, and can easily share your fundraiser on the platform!

Use hashtags: #PetWalkOZ #WHS #WisconsinHumaneSociety


Don't forget to include a fun image of you and your pet!



Subject Line: Can you help me help them?

I'm heading to the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Pet Walk Ozaukee on August 24 to walk for animals who need our help.

This fundraising walk/festival isn’t just a fun day out with friends, family and pets; it’s a show of compassion for the voiceless and a promise to help WHS provide both animals and people in the communities it serves with vital resources: pet food, low-cost vaccines and spay-neuter services, and training classes, among other things.

I’m raising funds and awareness for WHS so they can continue to give shelter, care, and support to animals with nowhere else to go. The money we raise is put to work immediately, helping to provide urgent veterinary care, shelter, a new home and a brighter future to the near 40,000 animals that come through the Wisconsin Humane Society's doors every year.

I’ve set an ambitious fundraising goal, and I can’t reach it without you! Please consider supporting my efforts by making a donation to my Pet Walk fundraiser here: [INSERT PERSONAL URL]




Subject Line: It's that time of year again - time to help animals!

I’m once again joining an amazing group of people for the Pet Walk Ozaukee fundraising walk/festival this summer, raising money and awareness for the Wisconsin Humane Society. WHS is an aewsome place - it of course provides safe shelter for animals when they have no one else to turn to, but you may be surprised to learn that people are also at the heart of WHS's mission. The Wisconsin Humane Society also provides youth, adult, and family outreach to the areas it serves so together we can continue to build a community that values animals, and treats them with respect and kindness.

The animals who come through their doors are full of love in so many ways - they're cuddly, they're looking to play, they're goofy - but they are also some of the most resilient animals you will ever meet with their own unique stories.

As hard as it can be to ask you - my friends and family - for donations year after year, seeing the amazing success stories of these animals makes it so worth it! Life has thrown a lot of curveballs at them, yet they still eagerly wait to find their place in their new perfect family. While at the shelter, they heal, play, and grow and WHS is there to encourage them every step of the way.

Please consider making a donation again this year if animals are near and dear to your heart like they are to mine. I am so grateful for your continued support and couldn’t do it without you! [INSERT PERSONAL URL]