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Frequently Asked Questions




How can I support Pet Walk?  

1. Register for Pet Walk here today.

2. Fundraise and/or make a personal donation to help us continue providing lifesaving care to animals in need.

3. Spread the word to family and friends who want to make a difference.



You can register as an individual or you can create or join a team. 

Teams are simply made up of two or more people who want to compete for our top team prizes, as well as awesome individual fundraising prizes!


Register as an individual

Registration fees are now waived, so it's easier than ever to sign up for Pet Walk!  Everyone who registers gets a Pet Walk web page you can personalize with pictures and stories of you and your furry friends.  It's easy to earn great prizes by collecting donations for animals in need!


Form a team

Looking for something great to do with a group?  Start a team with your friends, co-workers or family! Each team member can win individual prizes.  If you have already registered as an individual and would like to join a team, please contact Lori at

join an existing team

Have your friends, co-workers or family already started a team you want to join?  Your team can compete for one of our top team prizes and each team member can also win individual prizes.  If you have already registered as an individual and would like to join a team, please contact Lori at



What do you do with the money raised from Pet Walk?

100% of the proceeds from Pet Walk go right back to helping the animals our Door County Campus cares for every year.  Because of your support for events like Pet Walk, every adoptable animal has as long as it takes to find a home, regardless of time or space.  WHS does not receive general government funding. We are funded through the generous support of community-minded companies, foundations, and caring individuals and through special events like Pet Walk.  




Can I raise money offline (checks and cash) even if I sign up online? 

Absolutely! Every participant can choose their preferred fundraising format. You can send your cash and check donations directly to WHS and we'll enter the donations in your participant center for you. Just be sure to record names, addresses and amount for these donations on our pledge form so that we can track them properly and include them on your fundraising web page.  


Do I still qualify for fundraising prizes?

Yes! Prizes start for those who raise $50 or more and can be found on our prize page here.

How do I collect my fundraising prizes?

We are working on prize pick-up details and will know more in the coming weeks. Watch your email and the Pet Walk website for more information leading up to the walk.

What's the deadline to collect donations to earn prizes?

Participants can still qualify for prizes for donations they collect through September 11.


Is donating online safe and secure? 

You can donate without worry knowing that we partner with the online fundraising experts at Luminate Online to ensure the safest and most secure transactions possible. 


Can you change the recognition name of a donation I’ve already made? 

Yes.  Please contact us at so that we can credit donations to the proper person.  



Should we create teams for this event?

Definitely! Those happy hour calls, friends and family video calls, and work meetings are great opportunities to ask others to join your team for this year's Pet Walk! After all, how many times have your pets interrupted your video calls this past year? Many people are looking for positive ways to engage with their community and the people they're used to seeing every day, and coming together (while apart) to support a charity you care about is a great way to help everyone join in something bigger than themselves and feel good. 


How many people make up a team?  

Two or more people are required to form a team.    

I registered as an individual but now would like to join or create a team.  What do I do? 

Contact Lori at and request your desired team.  We’ll update your record for you.  

How are the prizes distributed to me if I’m part of a team? 

Prizes are distributed based on individual fundraising accomplishments, regardless of whether or not you are on a team.