Click here to download the 2023 Participant Handbook - your go-to guide for everything Dash related. It contains fresh ideas, helpful tips, and answers to frequently asked questions. 



1. Self-Donate – Be the first to support your fundraising efforts, and you will set a great example for all of your future donors. Donate here.

2. Update your Personal Page – Each participant has their very own webpage to show friends and family about their participation in the ALS SuperHero 5K/10K Dash. By personalizing this page with your own photos, videos, and story, you will inspire and motivate your donors to give and give more. Start updating here.

3. Ask everyone you know – Friends and family…that’s the easiest place to start. Next, think about your dentist, dry cleaner, and dog walker. Utilize our donor work sheet to help you dive deep into all of the contacts in your life. Try a letter writing campaign with this Sample Letter. Plus, you can use the address book importer and email templates in your Participant Center to make your first ask even easier.

4. Set your goal high – The higher your set your goal, the more motivated your donors will be to support you at a higher level. If you meet your goal, raise it again and watch the donations continue to pour in.

5. Post on social networks – Are you a Facebook user? How about Twitter or Instagram? Start integrating posts about your fundraising and training and you never know who you will reach and inspire. You also never know who of your “digital” friends might have a connection to ALS. Post often for best results.

6. Mix your media – Did you start by sending a big round of emails? Great! Try making phone calls next. Then texts. Then emails again. Then go say hello in person. You never know what will make a person act, so try to connect in as many ways as you can.

7. Investigate Matching Gifts – Many companies have matching gift programs for their employees.  Look into your company’s plan, and encourage donors to ask their companies too! Here’s how.

8. Plan a Fundraising Event – Host a poker night. Plan a bake sale. Work with your local watering hole to hold a party and have them donate a certain percentage of sales to your fundraising. There are countless fun events to plan, and they can be as easy or complex as you choose. Here are several fun ideas!

9. Follow Up – It takes up to 6 reminders to get someone to finally donate, so don’t forget to follow up with your forgetful friends.

10. Thank Donors Often – Be sure to thank your donors shortly after they donate and in thoughtful ways.  Maybe a quick email is a good solution right away, but printing out thank you cards with a special photo from Race Day is a fun and creative way to let donors know how their contribution supported an important cause.



  • All cash donations are fully tax-deductible.
  • Credit card donations are accepted on VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Each participant assumes responsibility for donation collection.
  • The ALS Association will send a thank you acknowledgement/tax receipt to each donor as long as there is a full name and current mailing address.
  • For donors giving on-line, an immediate thank you is sent via e-mail.