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Some patients arrive at The Royal with nothing. Your gift will provide essential necessities to patients, allowing them to maintain their dignity while receiving life-changing care. With your donation, you will provide items like socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, menstrual products, deodorant, and other important toiletries to a patient in need.
Provide educational books and resources designed to empower patients, families, and friends in comprehending and tackling psychiatric illnesses and addiction issues. Your donation will aid individuals and their loved ones in understanding and developing coping mechanisms for living with mental health challenges.
It's not easy being a new parent. You're thrust into a world where sleep deprivation and uncertainty become the status quo. Your donation will provide support and care for mothers experiencing postpartum depression.
Help sow the seeds of positivity and growth! Providing essential seeds and supplies enables patients at The Royal to cultivate vegetables and flowers in our gardens, while learning valuable skills. Your donation will nurture both the body and spirit of patients through the gift of gardening.
Walking, chair fitness, balance and fall prevention, and hydration programs target client fitness to boost their health and inspire confidence. This gift helps a senior stay physically healthy while receiving the mental health care needed to heal.