I have registered for JUMP IN™ but I haven’t received details on how and where to access my Participant Portal?

Details for accessing the Participant Portal will be sent to all registered participants on August 30th, 2022. You will receive your login information to access your exclusive JUMP IN™ content such as special discounts, access to online platforms, pre-recorded workouts, educational content, JUMP INTO the Kitchen recipes and more! If you have not received your welcome email as of August 31st, 2022, please reach out to specialevents@ottawaheart.ca.

Where can I access the Daily Activity Tracker?

The Daily Activity Tracker is available on your Participant Portal, or simply screen shot the Activity Tracker from the JUMP IN Canada Instagram page. Check off your activity of the day or add your favorite gif/emoji. Don’t forget to post it to Instagram or Facebook and tag us. We want to support you every step of the way and we’ll share with our JUMP IN community.

How do I share my Daily Activity Calendar to my Instagram story?

Everything you need do know about posting to your Instagram story can be found here.

How do I enter the contests?

We will be drawing winners at random this year! Your registration gets you entry to all JUMP IN™ contests including registration giveaways and the grand prize giveaway! Make sure you’re following our social channels and Facebook group to ensure you don’t miss any details and winner announcements!

I want to do more - how do I donate to support women’s heart health?

Thank you for asking! Donations are matched by wonderful corporate matching partners throughout the month of September. You can donate online here or call the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation at 613-696-7030.

By making a donation you are making an impact on prevention, treatment and outcomes for women through research, education and national programming powered by the Canadian Women's Heart Health Centre.

Can I create a JUMP IN™ Team?

Yes we love the idea of inspiring your community to JUMP IN™ with you. You can create a team and invite others to join you when registering. Our registration consists of three different ways to register. Individually, create a team or join a team. Pick what’s best for you!

From there, you will create a Team Page (if you’ve registered a team) and a Personal Page all personalized to YOU! Share with your community via email and Facebook and inspire others. There are easy to use templates in the Participant Center we have all the tools you need to invite others to support your efforts.

What is the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre (CWHHC)?

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre (CWHHC) is the only centre of its kind in Canada dedicated exclusively to conducting women-specific heart health research, enhancing care in the prevention and treatment of heart disease in women, improving outcomes for women and raising awareness of heart disease in women through advocacy and education. The CWHHC is located at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute with funding support from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation.

What is the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance?

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance (CWHHA) is a national network of over 130 experts and advocates working to improve women’s cardiovascular health across Canada. The CWHHA is powered by the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre with funding support from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation.

I am having trouble with my payment not being processed. What is the issue?

Please ensure the billing details you enter are exactly as they are for your credit card. Our online system is extremely secure so details must be exact.

If you are still running into issues, feel free to call us at 613-696-7030.

How can I share details with my friends about this event?

We invite you to download our social media kit here with some suggested messaging.

We have lots of content and messaging along with some great photos. Be sure to tag us and we will share with the JUMP IN™ community: