Variety Schools - Elementary School Fundraising

Elementary School Fundraising for Variety BC



Welcome to Variety Schools!


We’re so thrilled you’ve decided to join this incredible community of kids helping kids, taking action at school so we can all reach our fullest potential and thrive!

Why fundraise with Variety Schools?

Variety Schools is a place where students can continue to develop their social-emotional skills and build on core competencies by connecting with others from diverse backgrounds, working collectively to shape a better future for all, and form positive social awareness and responsibility.

When you support Variety BC, your efforts make an impact right in your very own community! 

Plus, we make it easy with FREE fundraising tools that your PAC can pick-up and go, school assemblies to drum up the excitement, and curricular resources (coming soon!) to support educators and enrich your classroom!

If you'd like more information about the Variety Schools Program, please email Anna Polden or give her a call at 604-268-3898.